March 16, 2015

The most beautiful kind

I was driving the other day when a word popped into my head. As a chronic over thinker, this isn't an uncommon scenario. Still yet, this one reverberated in my head a considerable amount more than I'm used to.

You see, by most accounts, the word itself was pretty unassuming. 6 letters. Three syllables. No. big. deal. 

Except that I found this one word. These six letters. These 3 syllables, to be the very definition of myself. The very definition I will give my daughter when she asks about her home. They're the very definition of everyone facing struggles right now. The definition of our society. The definition of my  friends, my family members, my colleagues. The definition of my neighbor, of your neighbor. The definition of you. 

This word symbolizes something so incredible. We, as a people, symbolize something so incredible. Much like the conventional definition of the word, we are made of a wide variety of materials. Materials that in our case come from circumstances, experiences, and maybe even a little bit of fate. We're made from trial and error. From pre-planning and of spur of the moment decisions. We're strengthened by hard work, and softened by love and passion. We're defined by our own perfectly imperfect flaws and wonderfully unique differences. 

Most fascinatingly though, while we are made of mostly broken pieces we remain very much unbroken as a whole.
You and I. We, are mosaics, and the most beautiful kind I could imagine. 

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